Tranquillity circle is a guided Healing Meditation.

Held, on zoom, on Wednesday evening at 7pm Brisbane Australia time.

The purpose of these meditations is to lead you through an elemental journey of healing. We call on the elements and their corresponding archetypes according to Australian Aboriginal Lore.

Grandfather Sun and the element of Fire – to transmute and release unwanted energies.

Grandmother Moon and the element of Water – to provide clearing and cleansing and to re-integrate our energy field.

Father Sky and the element of Air – our connection to the creator being and the star nations.

Mother Earth and the element of Earth – our connection to all sentient live and our source of infinite abundance

The intent of each meditation will vary depending on what energy there is on a particular evening.

tranquillity circle

on-line each Wednesday evening at 7pm Brisbane time (Australia)

‘tranquillity circle’ is a heart-based meditation suitable for anyone who seeks a deeper connection to Spirit. To seek guidance and knowledge from the universal mind. Tranquillity is a deeply transformative yet gentle, safe and grounding shamanic journey home to encounter your authentic self, let go of energies that no longer serve you and to redeem your personal power'.

Access is by donation.

Please donate from your abundance, more or less as your case may be. In that way you are honoring yourself and the Law of Abundance. As a guide only, please consider giving an amount equivalent to what you would spend on lunch at your local coffee shop. Then this, as food for your soul, will be well received.

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