Australia's Aboriginal people were the most advanced Spiritual people on this planet. They had the awareness and no limitations within the manifestation of creation. They had the ability to be in two places at the same time. They had the ability to move through time. They were not limited to this physical dimension. They could, and some still can draw illness out through the body.

Dreamtime Healing

Australia's Aboriginal people had the ability to take free flowing universal energy and use it to visualise through the Dreamtime into the manifestation of reality. They were more developed in using the Spiritual internal world of manifestation, rather than the external analytical world. Never seeing the world through analytical eyes, they were aware of the Earth as living Spirit.

They worked in harmony with the Spirit of the Earth and with all lifeforms. They were taught that through the understanding of communication with the Spirits of animals, trees, rocks, water that all lifeforms are alive. That also includes our thoughts that can become thought forms and grow into lifeforms that then can manipulate the Soul of man.

This aspect of Dreamtime healing is based on a modality called Holographic Kinetics

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